(BC) Jacob the Black

Black Crusade Character


Player Name: ; Archetype: Sorcerer; Tier: 1; Warband Name:

Pride: Devotion; Disgrace: Destruction; Motivation: Arcane

W.S.: 4 4|5; B.S.: 4 4|6; S: 8 4|0; T: 8 4|7; Ag: 4 4|9; Int: 5 5|2; Per: 4 4|4;

WP: 5 5|3; Fel: 4 4|6; Inf: 2 2|6


Athletics (S): Trained

Awareness (Per): Trained

Common Lore (Int):
-War: Trained

Deception (Fel): Trained

Dodge (Ag): Trained

Forbidden Lore (Int):
-Adeptus Astartes: Trained
-Psykers: Trained
-The Horus Heresy and Long War: Trained

Linguistics (Int):
-Low Gothic: Trained

Navigate (Int):
-Surface: Trained

Operate (Ag):
-Surface: Trained

Parry (WS): Trained

Psyniscience (Per): Trained

Scholastic Lore (Int):
-Occult: Trained

*Talents and Traits:


Bulging Biceps

Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)

Legion Weapon Training


Nerves of Steel

Psy Rating (2)

Quick Draw

Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons)

Unarmed Warrior



Secondary Heart/Ossmodula/Biscopea/Haemastamen: You gain the Unnatural Strength and Toughness

(+4) Traits

Larraman’s Organ: Only 5% chance of dying from Blood Loss

Catalepsean Node: You suffer no penalties to Perception-based Tests when awake for long periods

of time.

Preomnor: You gain a +20 to Toughness Test against poisons.

Omophagea: You may gain a skill or Skill Group by devouring a portion of an enemy.

Multi-Lung: You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests for drowning or asphyxiation. In addition,

you gain a +30 to Toughness Tests made to resist gasses and may re-roll failed results.

Occulube and Lyman’s Ear: You gain the Heightened Senses (Sight and Hearing) Talents, +10 to

relevant Awareness Tests.

Sus-an Membrane: You may enter suspended animation.

Oolotic Kidney: You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests to resist poisons and toxins,

including attacks with the Toxic Quality.

Neuroglottis: You may detect any poison or toxin by taste with a successful Awareness Test. You

gain +10 to Tracking Tests against a target you have tasted.

Mucranoid: You may re-roll any failed toughness tests caused by Temperature Extremes.

Betcher’s Gland: You may spit acid as a ranged weapon with the following profile: Range: 3m,

Damage: 1d5, Pen: 4, Toxic. If you hit your opponent by 3 or more degrees of success, you have

blinded him for 1d5 rounds.

Progenoids: These may be retrieved with a successful Medicae Test.

Black Carapace: While wearing Power Armor, enemies do not gain a bonus to hit you due to your


*Special Abilities:

Name:Legion Bolter
Class: Basic; Damage: 1d10+9; Type: X; Pen: 4
Range: 100m; ROF: S/3/-; Clip: 24; Reload: Full
Special Qualities: Tearing

Name: Legion Bolt Pistol
Class: Pistol; Damage: 1d10+9; Type: X; Pen: 4
Range: 30m; ROF: S/2/-; Clip: 8; Reload: Full
Special Qualities:

Name: Force Staff
Class: Melee; Damage: 1d10; Type: I; Pen: 0
Range: ; ROF: S//-; Clip: -; Reload: –
Special Qualities: Balanced, Force

Name: Legion Combat Knife
Class: Melee; Damage: 1d10; Type: R; Pen: 2
Range: ; ROF: S//-; Clip: -; Reload: -
Special Qualities:

*Armor: Legion Power Armor

Head: 8

Right Arm: 8

Left Arm: 8

Body: 8

Right Leg: 8

Left Leg: 8

Armor Special Abilities:

Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer

Sustainable Power Source

Bio-monitor and Injectors

Nutrient Recycling

4 Magazines for Bolter

2 Magazines for Bolt Pistol

Psy Focus

Unholy Icon


Total: 20

Current: 20

Critical Damage:


*Mental Disorders:


Half: 4; Full: 8; Charge: 12; Run: 24

*Infamy Points:

Total: 2

Current: 2

*Corruption Points: 5

*Psychic Powers:




Mind over Matter

Psychic Scream

Thought Sending

*Gifts of the Gods:


Total Earned: 500

Total Spent: 500

Unspent XP:

*Advance, Cost, Allignment:

Compel / 200 / Unaligned

Psychic Scream / 300 / Unaligned

*Total Alignment Advances:

Unaligned: 2





*Current Alignment: Unaligned


*Gender: Male

*Appearance: Jacob is a menacing site to behold. His face is sunken in and skull-like, and his head is shaved bald. His muscular frame is tattooed with arcane and Chaos symbols. Jacob is never seen without his Armor while in the Screaming Vortex, and it is unlikely he would ever be seen without it unless there is a good reason. His teeth have been filed to points and his lips have been burned off to add to his skeletal appearance.

*Biography: Born on Macragge, Jacob was chosen to become an Ultramarine after his powers started to Manifest. Taken aboard one of the Inquisition’s ships, he was taken to Terra and trained to use his budding powers. After finishing his training, he travelled back to Macragge and underwent the surgeries needed to become a Space Marine. Once Jacob’s body finished adjusting to the changes, he started training to be a Librarian. Unfortunately, Chaos’ touch can be felt even on Macragge.

Jacob started hearing the whispers of the Ruinous powers in his sleep. Afraid to go to the others, he tried to fight them on his own. This proved to be his downfall and the start of his corruption. Driven mad by the whispers, Jacob turned to Chaos and fled Macragge. Folowing the whispers, he found his way into the screaming Vortex.

There, Jacob started training under a Thousand Sons Space Marine Sorcerer that had taken refuge. The training was intense and deadly, but he managed to pass it. His final test was to face off against a Word Bearer Sorcerer that had travelled into the Vortex to seek revenge for a slight that had occured before the Heresy. Winning the battle, Jacob killed the other sorcerer’s mind. Rewarded with the fallen Sorcerer’s weapons, armor and gear, he started to travel across the Vortex seeing to improve his powers.

*Power Armor Appearance: Jacob’s orange/red with white accented Power Armor appeares to be no different from any other. Spikes are strategically located across the power pack, boots at the knee, and shoulder plates. The shoulder plates have had their unit insignias painted over. The chest bares a skull in the middle with white arrows pointing to both sides. The belt bares the star of Chaos on it’s buckle, and has a loincloth hanging from it. Chains hang from it’s hips, and holds a plate carved with arcane runes onto the left boot.

*Power Armor Customization: Spikes

*Power Armor Past: Jacob’s armor has seen many millenia pass. Created months before the Horus Heresy started, it was passed to a Librarian of what would become the Word Bearer’s chapter. That Librarian became one of the first Chaos Space Marines when he made contact with the powers of Chaos. Spreading their truth across the Legion, and later to the other Legions that followed Horus, the Barer of the armor wound up passing it down through his family before Jacob killed it’s wearer and siezed it as his own.


-Why did the Heretic embrace Chaos? The Ruinous powers chose him for his psychic abilities.

-What does the Heretic desire? Arcane Might

-Whom does the Heretic Hate? The Imperium, who would have branded him a Heretic and killed him over the voices in his head.

(BC) Jacob the Black

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