(BC) Deathstriker

Black Crusade Character


Player Name: ; Archetype: Forsaken; Tier: 1; Warband Name:

Pride: Wealth; Disgrace: Greed; Motivation: Violence

W.S.: 4 4|5; B.S.: 4 4|7; S: 9 5|0; T: 9 5|0; Ag: 5 5|0; Int: 4 4|3; Per: 4 4|7; WP: 4 4|4; Fel: 4 4|9; Inf: 2 2|4


Acrobatics (Ag): Trained

Athletics (S): Trained

Awareness (Per): Trained

Common Lore (Int):
-War: Trained

Dodge (Ag): Trained

Forbidden Lore (Int):
-Adeptus Astartes: Trained
-The Horus Heresy and Long War: Trained

Linguistics (Int):
-Low Gothic: Trained

Navigate (Int):
-Surface: Trained

Operate (Ag):
-Aeronautica: Trained
-Surface: Trained

Parry (WS): Trained

Security (Int): Trained

Stealth (Ag): +10

*Talents and Traits:


Ancient Warrior

Bulging Biceps

Hatred (Adeptus Astartes)

Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)


Legion Weapon Training

Light Sleeper

Nerves of Steel

Quick Draw

Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons)

Sound Constitution

Unarmed Warrior


Secondary Heart/Ossmodula/Biscopea/Haemastamen: You gain the Unnatural Strength and Toughness (+4) Traits

Larraman’s Organ: Only 5% chance of dying from Blood Loss

Catalepsean Node: You suffer no penalties to Perception-based Tests when awake for long periods of time.

Preomnor: You gain a +20 to Toughness Test against poisons.

Omophagea: You may gain a skill or Skill Group by devouring a portion of an enemy.

Multi-Lung: You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests for drowning or asphyxiation. In addition, you gain a +30 to Toughness Tests made to resist gasses and may re-roll failed results.

Occulube and Lyman’s Ear: You gain the Heightened Senses (Sight and Hearing) Talents, +10 to relevant Awareness Tests.

Sus-an Membrane: You may enter suspended animation.

Oolotic Kidney: You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests to resist poisons and toxins, including attacks with the Toxic Quality.

Neuroglottis: You may detect any poison or toxin by taste with a successful Awareness Test. You gain +10 to Tracking Tests against a target you have tasted.

Mucranoid: You may re-roll any failed toughness tests caused by Temperature Extremes.

Betcher’s Gland: You may spit acid as a ranged weapon with the following profile: Range: 3m, Damage: 1d5, Pen: 4, Toxic. If you hit your opponent by 3 or more degrees of success, you have blinded him for 1d5 rounds.

Progenoids: These may be retrieved with a successful Medicae Test.

Black Carapace: While wearing Power Armor, enemies do not gain a bonus to hit you due to your size.

*Special Abilities:

Name: Legion Bolt Pistol
Class: Pistol; Damage: 1d10+9; Type: X; Pen: 4
Range: 30m; ROF: S/2/-; Clip: 8; Reload: Full
Special Qualities: Tearing

Name: Legion Shotgun
Class: Basic; Damage: 1d10+6; Type: I; Pen: 0
Range: 30m; ROF: S/2/-; Clip: 10; Reload: 2 Full
Special Qualities: Reliable, Scatter

Name: Legion Combi-Bolter
Class: Basic; Damage: 1d10+9; Type: X; Pen: 4
Range: 80m; ROF: S/4/-; Clip: 32; Reload: 2 Full
Special Qualities: Tearing, Twin-Linked

Name: Legion Frag Grenade (4)
Class: Thrown; Damage: 2d10+2; Type: X; Pen: 0
Range: SB x 3; ROF: S/-/-; Clip: 1; Reload: -
Special Qualities: Blast (4)

Name: Legion Krak Grenade (4)
Class: Thrown; Damage: 2d10+8; Type: X; Pen: 6
Range: SB x 3; ROF: S/-/-; Clip: 1; Reload: -
Special Qualities:

Name: Legion Chainsword
Class: Melee; Damage: 1d10+3; Type: R; Pen: 3
Range: ; ROF: S//-; Clip: -; Reload: -
Special Qualities: Tearing, Balance

Name: Legion Combat Knife
Class: Melee; Damage: 1d10; Type: R; Pen: 2
Range: ; ROF: S//-; Clip: -; Reload: -
Special Qualities:

*Armor: Legion Power Armor

Head: 8

Right Arm: 8

Left Arm: 8

Body: 8

Right Leg: 8

Left Leg: 8

-Special Abilities:

Osmotic gill Life sustainer

Vox Link

Sustainable Power Source

Recoil Supression

4 Magazines for Bolt Pistols

4 Magazines for Combi-Bolters

2 Magazines for Legion Shotgun

Jump Pack


Total: 20


Critical Damage:


*Mental Disorders:


Half: 4; Full: 8; Charge: 12; Run: 24

*Infamy Points:

Total: 2

Current: 2

*Corruption Points: 9

*Psychic Powers:

*Gifts of the Gods:


Total Earned: 500

Total Spent: 500

Unspent XP:

*Advance, Cost, Allignment:

Ancient Warrior / 250 / Unaligned

Operate (Aeronautica) / 250 / Unaligned

*Total Alignment Advances:

Unaligned: 2





*Current Alignment: Unaligned


*Gender: Male


*Biography: The man known only as Deathstriker has appeared again and again throughout Imperial History. Originally a member of the Luna Wolves Legion, he fought for the Imperium with the greatest of Zeal. That passion turned to darkness when the Sons of Horus turned to Chaos. Deathstriker loved Horus like the Primarch was his father, but when he died, that feeling became an inky blackness within his soul. He fought for Abaddon until the new Warmaster destroyed Horus’ body, preventing his ressurection.

Leaving the Eye of Terror, Deathstriker decided to search the warp for Horus’ soul. Believing it still existed, he travelled until the middle of the 41st millenium with a group of Chaos Sorcerers and a sample of Horus’ DNA in the hopes of restoring the true Warmaster. Finally, the Black Legion sorcerers abandoned him and eventually, he found his way to the Screaming Vortex. Settling on an empty asteroid, Deathstriker would occasionally sell his services to travelling warbands, amassing great wealth. Now, though, a vision of Horus has dragged him from Exile in the belief that he can finally achieve his goal of Horus’ ressurection.

*Power Armor Appearance: Deathstriker discarded his original Black Legion armor long ago. Now he wears a non-descript Blue Chaos Armor with Golden horns and designs. When missions call for it, he will wear a jump pack. His Right Sholder Plate bares a gold Star of Chaos with a skull in the middle of it, and the left one is blank. It also bares two spikes between the armor and pack, each impaling two skulls.

*Power Armor Customization: Horns

*Power Armor Past: The Legion armor Deathstriker currently posesses has a relatively short history. Created in one of the Dark Forge of the Screaming Vortex, it never saw battle until he wore it for the first time. Since then, it has only seen a small handfull of battles. Despite this, only a few of the systems it has the capability of running works.


-Why did the Heretic embrace Chaos? Because the other Sons of Horus did.

-What does the Heretic desire? To reunite the forces of Chaos

-Whom does the Heretic Hate? The Adeptus Astartes, Warmaster Abaddon, and the False Emperor.

(BC) Deathstriker

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