(BC) Asmodai the Bloody

Black Crusade Character


Player Name: ; Archetype: Champion; Tier: 1; Warband Name:

Pride: Martial Prowess; Disgrace: Destruction; Motivation: Legacy;

W.S.: 5 5|2; B.S.: 4 4|5; S: 8 4|7; T: 9 5|0; Ag: 4 4|6; Int: 3 3|6; Per: 5 5|0; WP: 4 4|7; Fel: 4 4|5; Inf: 2 2|8


Athletics (S): Trained

Awareness (Per): Trained

Charm (Fel): Trained

Command (Fel): Trained

Common Lore (Int):
-War: Trained

Dodge (Ag): Trained

Forbidden Lore (Int):
-Adeptus Astartes: Trained
-The Horus Heresy and Long War: Trained

Linguistics (Int):
-Low Gothic: Trained

Navigation (Int):
-Surface: Trained

Operate (Ag):
-Surface: Trained

Parry (WS): Trained

Scholastic Lore (Int):
-Tactica Imperialis: Trained

Scrutiny (Per):

*Talents and Traits:

Air of Authority


Bulging Biceps


Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)

Iron Discipline

Legion Weapons Training

Lightning Reflexes

Nerves of Steel

Quick Draw

Resistance (Heat, Cold, Poisons)

Sure Strike

Unarmed Warrior


Secondary Heart/Ossmodula/Biscopea/Haemastamen: You gain the Unnatural Strength and Toughness (+4) Traits

Larraman’s Organ: Only 5% chance of dying from Blood Loss

Catalepsean Node: You suffer no penalties to Perception-based Tests when awake for long periods of time.

Preomnor: You gain a +20 to Toughness Test against poisons.

Omophagea: You may gain a skill or Skill Group by devouring a portion of an enemy.

Multi-Lung: You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests for drowning or asphyxiation. In addition, you gain a +30 to Toughness Tests made to resist gasses and may re-roll failed results.

Occulube and Lyman’s Ear: You gain the Heightened Senses (Sight and Hearing) Talents, +10 to relevant Awareness Tests.

Sus-an Membrane: You may enter suspended animation.

Oolotic Kidney: You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests to resist poisons and toxins, including attacks with the Toxic Quality.

Neuroglottis: You may detect any poison or toxin by taste with a successful Awareness Test. You gain +10 to Tracking Tests against a target you have tasted.

Mucranoid: You may re-roll any failed toughness tests caused by Temperature Extremes.

Betcher’s Gland: You may spit acid as a ranged weapon with the following profile: Range: 3m, Damage: 1d5, Pen: 4, Toxic. If you hit your opponent by 3 or more degrees of success, you have blinded him for 1d5 rounds.

Progenoids: These may be retrieved with a successful Medicae Test.

Black Carapace: While wearing Power Armor, enemies do not gain a bonus to hit you due to your size.

*Special Abilities:

Inspiring Presence

Name: Legion Bolt Pistol
Class: Pistol; Damage: 1d10+9; Type: X; Pen: 4
Range: 30m; ROF: S/2/-; Clip: 8; Reload: Full
Special Qualities: Tearing

Name: Legion Power Sword
Class: Melee; Damage: 1d10+6; Type: E; Pen: 6
Range: ; ROF: S//-; Clip: -; Reload: -
Special Qualities: Power Field, Balanced

Name: Legion Combat Knife
Class: Melee; Damage: 1d10; Type: R; Pen: 2
Range: ; ROF: S//-; Clip: -; Reload: -
Special Qualities:

Name: Legion Plasma Pistol
Class: Pistol; Damage: 1d10+10; Type: E; Pen: 8
Range: 30m; ROF: S/2/-; Clip: 12; Reload: 3 Full
Special Qualities: Maximal, Overheats

Class: Basic; Damage: 1d10+6; Type: I; Pen: 0
Range: 30m; ROF: S/2/-; Clip: 10; Reload: 2 Full
Special Qualities: Reliable, Scatter

*Armor: Legion Power Armor

Head: 10

Right Arm: 10

Left Arm: 10

Body: 10

Right Leg: 10

Left Leg: 10

Legion Armor Special Abilities:

Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer

Sustainable Power Source

Enhanced Ceramite Plating

Nutrient Recycling


4 Magazines for Legion Bolt Pistols


Total: 20


Critical Damage:


*Mental Disorders:


Half: 4; Full: 8; Charge: 12; Run: 24

*Infamy Points: 2

Total: 2

Current: 2

*Corruption Points: 0

*Psychic Powers:

*Gifts of the Gods:


Total Earned: 500 (Start)

Total Spent: 500

Unspent XP:

*Advance, Cost, Allignment:

Air of Authority / 250 / Slaanesh

Catfall / 250 / Slaanesh

*Total Alignment Advances:

Unaligned: 0

Khorne: 0

Nurgle: 0

Slaanesh: 2

Tzeentch: 0

*Current Alignment: Unaligned


Character Info:

Gender: Male

Appearance: Asmodai appears to be a typical Space Marine when out of armor. He currently bares no Mutations or Marks of Chaos. His genetically enhanced muscular body currently bares no scars save for a burned X over a tattoo of the symbol of his old chapter, the Dark Angels, and the Bolter Injuries he suffered on Eskrador. Asmodai wears his blonde hair long and tied into a ponytail, and his blue eyes screams of an innocence long gone. His chin and jawline gives him a handsome, if not rugged appeal to the ladies.

Biography: Asmodai was born in the Chapter’s Fortress, the Rock. His family were chapter serfs, serving the Chapter as cooks, mechanics, and cleaners. The Dark Angels kept their eyes on him for recruitment since he was just a child, when a couple of chaplains saw him fighting with another serf child. Despite losing against the older kid, Asmodai’s strength, tenacity, and viciousness of fighting style ensured that a spot would open up for him when he came of age. Once he turned 18, Asmodai had underwent the process of gene-seeding.

The process of going from Scout Trainee to full brother went by pretty quickly for Asmodai. Shipped to a Tactical Team dispatched as part of a battlegroup, he was dispatched to Eskrador. There, he fell in battle against the Alpha Legion but didn’t die. The survivors left him there without removing the Gene-Seed from his body when they evacuated the Planet in preperation for a second offensive. The Alpha Legion took Asmodai in and helped to heal him, and he joined them. The Alpha Legion pulled out and wiped out the unit’s remnants while they tried to blockade the planet.

Splitting up, Asmodai was sent to the Screaming Vortex with a tactical squad. There, they were retraining him in Alpha Legion tactics when they were called away to deal with an Inquisitorial incursion into the Vortex. While he waited for their return, they were wiped out. Sick of waiting for them, Asmodai decided to form a force of his own. When he can get a warband of his own, his first target is the Dark Angels, and the second is the Imperium itself.

Power Armor Appearance: Asmodai’s armor is a scavenged mix of Dark Angel and Alpha Legion Armor. The blue-grey armor bares the iconography of the Alpha Legion on the shoulderpads, lower legs/boots, Gloves, and Chest. The Armor’s Power Pack has chains dangling from the head shaped exhaust vents. The Armor’s belt bares a chaos emblem for it’s buckle, along with a chain with human skulls dangling from it and a light green cloth with the chaos star emblem. It’s helmet bares a spiked Iron Halo fitted to it, and the remains of the Imperial Armor has been painted over with Alpha Legion colorings but the Dark Angels’ engravings upon the armor pieces are still visible.

Power Armor Customizations: Scavenged Reconstruction

Power Armor History: The Bulk of the armor was built before the Horus Heresy. The Chest, Helmet, Left Shoulderpad, and Lower Legs/Boots were from one Great Crusade Era Legion armor, granted to the Alpha Legion shortly after the appearance of their Primarch. The armor served amicably through the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, only to be damaged during the Legion’s battle against the Ultramarines on Eskrador. The remains of the Armor was laid there until Asmodai’s unit fought there during the 41st Millenium. The rest of the armor is pieces of his Dark Angel’s Armor that was damaged when he was left for dead during the battle.


-Why did the Heretic embrace Chaos? He felt betrayed by his abandonment by his Dark Angels Bretheren when the Dark Angels were forced to flee Eskrador.

-What does the Heretic desire? Revenge upon his former Dark Angels Bretheren.

-Whom does the Heretic Hate? All Imperials, especially the Dark Angels Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

(BC) Asmodai the Bloody

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